A Life of Nonsense.

I'm Ridiculous.
5 Foot 1 and a Tad Bit Girly But I Will Maul You Like A Bear If Poked At.
Gnome Life.
I’ve Got Rock N’ Roll in My Heart, and Caffeine in My Veins.
I live in Nashville, But My Heart is on the West Coast.
I’m Fouled Mouthed and Enjoy Offensive Humor.

"Sometimes you gotta burn the past to rise up from the ashes."

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every achievement in cinema history has led up to this moment

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#cinematic masterpiece of our time

best thing about this movie hands down

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i hate the fact that i am always the person who likes others more, like if someone just leaves me, it really fucking destroys me, and i dont really know what to do. i feel confused about everything for weeks, years even, and i dont really know what i have done to make everyone leave me. i dont understand how other people can just be totally okay. its like no matter what, i am always the one that hurts the most, and that really fucking sucks.

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We are wild.

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